About Us

Force 10 International Pty Ltd is based in Brisbane, Australia and exclusively manufactures the innovative Force 10 Engineered Building System – an engineered building system that can resist cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, termites… in fact just about anything that nature can throw at it.

The Force 10 Building System is steel framed and comprises modular floor, wall and roof trusses that are manufactured in the controlled conditions of our factory and transported flat to site and assembled quickly with a minimum of skilled labour. We are a wholly Australian owned and manufactured modular building company.

Almost $20 million has been spent in Research and Development to develop a complete system with the key qualities of: strength, robustness, ability to be built rapidly by semi-skilled people, flexibility in size and design, excellent insulation, termite-proof and completeness so that all the materials down to the smallest screw are delivered in one shipment.

Because of our focus on comprehensive building and logistical solutions Force 10 has developed an excellent reputation particularly in demanding and remote locations.  We can deliver a kit home or building to any location. We reduce the number of variables on site by completing as much of the construction off site as possible, consistently resulting in superior structures erected to lock up approximately 50% faster than conventional building.

Force 10 has built Homes, Offices, Factories, Schools, Medical facilities, Resort Accommodation, Shopping Centres, Retirement Villages, Mining Camps, Granny Flats and more….

The Force 10 system is clean and green –

  • energy rating up to 9.5 stars
  • excellent inbuilt insulation
  • very low Volatile Organic Compound emissions
  • little or no site wastage
  • no need for concrete slabs which is important in eco-sensitive areas
  • significantly reduces transport logistics by delivering components to site all at once
  • Steel frame housing which is extremely robust and able to withstand 300kms  / 186mph winds

The company has exported its product to over 30 countries across the world, specifically to Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, the Pacific Islands, Caribbean, US Territories (Saipan, Guam, Kosrae, Pohnpei), Mainland USA (South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana) as well as Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, Vanuatu, Taiwan, Japan, Seychelles, Korea, and the Middle East (UAE).

In all our business dealings we strive to:

  1. Deal in an honest and forthright fashion
  2. Build a safe and secure building
  3. Show respect for other people
  4. Promote a positive attitude
  5. Promote teamwork
  6. Have a family oriented culture