Force 10 has its own in-house design centre and can provide design capabilities to fast track the resolution of critical requirements. Force 10 ensures that the structure is compliant with regulatory requirements including design, essential services planning requirements and building regulations.

Your home is often the single biggest investment you will make and we recognise the importance of superior design and execution.

Force 10 designs and manufactures in line with the following housing principles:

  • Comfortable, pleasant and safe to live in
  • Designed to meet their residents’ needs, both current and future
  • Maximises use of its site and without wastage of built space or land
  • Attractive, and fits into the local environment
  • Well designed for the local climate and does not rely substantially upon mechanical cooling or heating systems (our insulation properties ensure an energy rating from 5 to 9.5 stars)
  • Sensitive to the characteristics of its site – our innovative designs reduce the need for cutting and shaping and aesthetically fit with the dimensions and natural fall of the land
  • Value for money for the community – our solution cannot be matched when considering all value for money principles