Time Saving

Our experience
A Force 10 building can be constructed to lock up stage much faster than a conventional building due to our modular floor, wall and integrated roof system.  On past projects we have taken a 150m2 house to lock up stage in just 14 days – this is in the region of 50% more efficient site construction time than most conventional building projects.

Secure product supply
We manufacture the Force 10 product in a controlled, secure factory environment thus ensuring that the capacity to supply the materials is not affected by external factors such as weather, vandalism, or theft. Secure product supply is a significant time saver in ensuring that project timelines are met and milestones achieved on time.

Off site Manufacture
The Force 10 building system is manufactured totally off-site and arrives ready to erect with everything to lock up at hand.

Delivered at once
Significant delays can arise in construction when waiting on the many deliveries to arrive for conventional building projects.  Conventional building systems could require up to 70 deliveries with as many or more follow-ups with suppliers. By contrast, our system means all items required to take a building to lock up arrive in just one delivery. This is particularly useful for remote projects where the lack of one small item on the project can cause days or even weeks of delays.

Quality and Strength
The quality, strength and durability of the Force 10 solution means that additional delays in replacing damaged walls (such as plasterboard in conventional buildings) are eliminated. Our product is made from steel and is virtually indestructible. We use weather resistant materials which means no “down time” due to rain or water damage.

Local sub-contractors
The client can engage with subcontractors who are local to the project site. This facilitates more efficient construction as the subcontractors are on site quickly, without travel delays. Typically electricians, painters, plumbers, landscapers and similiar subcontractors are sourced locally.

Our in-house design office fast tracks building designs and compliance to the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and other international codes. In line with this we have partnerships with engineering consultants, architects, air and hydraulic consultants and all of the resources that are required to ensure that a quick project start up will be achieved.